Our story

PIZZA is located at the culinary complex Grinberg 25 at Azorey Hen area, North Tel-Aviv.
A Pizzeria and "Rosticceria" (an Italian pastry shop) created by the Grinberg Group. 


PIZZA offers classic and authentic Italian pizzas, freshly baked and based on original recipes.
Like the name of the place, the pizzas at PIZZA are served with the straightforward and meticulous simplicity,
a well-known characteristic of the Italian kitchen and culinary experience.
Our pizzas are characterized by a variety of additions, from raw fresh ingredients, to which are added a variety of Italian specialties in a "Rosticceria" style, where produced are baked fresh daily.


The menu at PIZZA was built according to the outline of the Italian food culture, creating a variety of versions of the bakery representing Italian gastronomy. The pizzas and pastries are based on traditional Italian flour, spread into thin dough with a variety of toppings, a sauce of Italian tomatoes and real Italian mozzarella cheese, Italian from all directions. All fresh ingredients are baked in a unique wood oven, imported especially from Italy and built by hand, just like in a village in Italy, creating a classic oven, a real Italian pizza in Tel-Aviv.


The dough in PIZZA is baked in the natural heat of burning wood. The oven, which is located in the middle of the bakery house, produces not only different pizzas, but also a variety of hot and fresh pastries, which are displayed in a spectacular display and include, among others, Kalcone, Bucencini, Focaccia, Faidini, and Panini etc.


The place is decorated in the style of Italian bakeries scattered throughout Italy, with the authentic huge oven, from which the fresh pastries are produced every day.